💥Refuerzos bivalentes aprobados para niños de hasta 5 años en EE.UU.

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Para aquellos que esperan con ansias, si su hijo tiene ente 5 y 11 años cumplidos, ya puede recibir un refuerzo bivalente para protegerse ante Ómicron. (Todas las personas mayores de 12 años ya son elegibles). ❓¿Cuáles son las opciones de los refuerzos bivalentes? ➡️Moderna: para personas que tengan a partir de 6 años ➡️Pfizer:

What is prebunking?

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Tl;DR: Prebunking is an effective strategy to combat misinformation. Prebunking makes people aware in advance that they might be misled and teaches folks ways to recognize misinformation at the get-go. Prebunking, sometimes called attitudinal inoculation, alerts people in advance that misinformation and disinformation might be coming their way. Prebunking is an effective “heads up” for

Hay toneladas de mitos y conceptos erróneos sobre la vacuna contra la influenza. ¡Es hora de analizar algunos de ellos y dejar las cosas claras.

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❌ Mito: La vacuna contra la influenza provoca la influeza. ✅ Realidad: ¡No! Existen múltiples fórmulas de la vacuna contra la influenza, tanto inyectables como en aerosol nasal. Las vacunas contra la influenza contienen virus inactivos o pequeños fragmentos del virus que no pueden causar la influenza. El aerosol nasal contiene virus vivos que han

Should I get screened for breast cancer?

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A: The answer depends on age, breast cancer risk, and more. For average risk cisgender women, regular screening mammograms are widely recommended from age 50 to 70. Earlier and later in life, the balance of benefits and risks is murkier in this population. There are additional considerations for those at higher risk of cancer, and

Do weighted blankets help me sleep better?

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A: TL; DR: Yes, weighted blankets can be a helpful part of improving your sleep and psychological health. THIS POST IS UPDATED with results from a recent experimental study showing that weighted blankets increase the sleep-promoting hormone melatonin. And don’t forget to pay attention to other factors that may be interfering with your sleep: schedule,