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Can I get the COVID-19 or flu vaccine if I am sick?


A: It depends! You should not get the vaccine while sick with COVID-19, but other mild illnesses are not necessarily a reason to delay vaccination. Lots of folks are getting sick right now with all kinds of viral illnesses including the flu, colds, RSV and COVID-19. You might find yourself feeling under the weather right

Do kids need COVID-19 vaccines?

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Yes. Kids need COVID-19 vaccines. It is safe. It is necessary. When we compare kids who get COVID-19 to kids who do not get COVID-19, we see quite clearly that kids CAN and DO get really sick, and it is worth protecting them. And when we compare vaccinated kids to unvaccinated kids, the results are

When can I get another COVID booster?


I got my updated/bivalent booster in September, and I’m worried my protection is waning. A: We don’t know yet, but the FDA may be giving guidance soon. We love this enthusiasm for vaccine protection (!), but here is currently no authorization or recommendation for additional COVID-19 boosters if you have already received the bivalent/Omicron updated

Does the bivalent COVID-19 booster provide better protection against COVID-19?


TL;DR: Yes! The new bivalent booster vaccine does give additional protection against symptomatic COVID-19 infections, reduces emergency department and urgent care visits, and reduces the risk of hospitalization. In September 2022, the US Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) recommended that all persons aged 12 and up who had already gotten their primary series of

¿Debería vacunarme contra la influenza si ya la tuve durante esta temporada?

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¡Sí! La vacuna contra la influenza protege ante CUATRO cepas. Y por otra parte ¡no querrá volver a contagiarse! TL;DR: Es difícil saber con qué cepa se infectó o cuál será la dominante en los próximos meses. Vacúnese si ya ha tenido influenza o incluso si ha sospechado tenerla. La vacuna actual es “tetravalente”, lo