Elisabeth Adkins Marnik, PhD, Contributing Writer

MDI Biological Laboratory
Ellsworth, ME

Dr. Elisabeth Adkins Marnik has a PhD in genetics and immunology from Tufts University where she studied the role of CD4 T cells in the immune system and autoimmune disease. She then joined the MDI Biological Laboratory where she received an NIH postdoctoral fellowship to study how stem cells maintain the ability to become any needed cell type. During these training experiences, she discovered a passion for science education and communication. Then the COVID-19 pandemic hit and Liz began to use her immunology expertise to educate the public by starting Science Whiz Liz. This experience has solidified her dedication to helping individuals access science information they can understand so that they can make informed decisions. This desire spurred a recent career switch where she left her university faculty position teaching microbiology and biochemistry to return to The MDI Biological Laboratory to spearhead science education and outreach programming. She is also a contributing writer for other organizations including ASBMB Today and The Global Autoimmune Institute. Outside of science, Liz is a wife, mother of two, runner, hiker, and an avid reader.

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