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¿Es normal estar muy ansiosa seis meses después de tener un bebé? Todo el mundo me dice que mejorará.

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Sí y no. Cierto grado de adaptación es normal, pero los cambios repentinos en cómo te sientes pueden ser un signo de que estás experimentando un trastorno del estado de ánimo o de ansiedad en el periodo perinatal (a veces denominado trastorno de ansiedad postparto). ¿Así que mucha gente realmente pasa por esto? Por supuesto.

I want to use an effective method of birth control, but how can I pay for it? It can be expensive!

Reproductive Health

If you or someone you know is struggling to pay for contraception, there are many options available. The most effective reversible forms of birth control, the IUD and the Implant, can cost from $400-$1300 if you’re paying out of pocket. While they last for years, that up front cost can be tough. Pills, patches, rings,

Can I get contraception through the mail?

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A: Yes! Getting contraception through the mail is a safe and secure alternative to seeking out contraception in person. Getting contraception through the mail is a great alternative to in-person care. It’s easier and faster, especially in areas of the country where women’s health clinics are not widely available. Right now, to get a prescription,

Is it normal to be extremely anxious six months after having a baby? Everyone tells me it will get better.

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A: Yes and no. Some adjustment is normal, but sudden changes in how you feel may be a sign that you are experiencing a mood or anxiety disorder in the perinatal period (sometimes called a PMAD). TL; DR: It is normal to experience feelings of anxiety, sadness, fatigue, irritability and other symptoms after you have

¿Los anticonceptivos hormonales me harán ganar peso?

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Las pastillas anticonceptivas probablemente no, pero la vida probablemente sí. Muchas personas que utilizan métodos anticonceptivos hormonales (es decir, pastillas, parches, anillos o inyecciones) afirman haber aumentado de peso. Pero…..resulta que las personas que NO utilizan métodos anticonceptivos también aumentan de peso, ¡en las mismas proporciones! La vida moderna engorda. En grandes revisiones de datos