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It’s National Clean Out Your Medicine Cabinet Day! How should I celebrate?

Aging Health & Wellness Staying Safe

Over-the-counter and prescription medications have a way of accumulating in cabinets, drawers, bags, and forgotten pockets. Unused and expired medications should be discarded safely to avoid misuse. Take a few minutes with Those Nerdy Girls to safely dispose of your old medications today. Think about all the places you store medication and then clean them Read more…

When is it time to stop driving?


Driving “retirement” doesn’t need to be a cold turkey process. It may look different for everyone, but proactive planning can save lives and preserve independence. Several options can make the transition smoother for you or a loved one. Identify specific driving concerns and engage in thoughtful discussions to help preserve independence, safety, and function. Driving Read more…

What can I do to stop my eyes from feeling like sandpaper or watering like crazy, especially in the winter?

Aging Health & Wellness

An eye care routine can improve symptoms of dry, itchy, or watery eyes. Routine eye care includes keeping your fingers out of your eyes, gentle cleansing, using sun protection, and seeking care with a health professional when symptoms do not improve. Blepharitis or eyelid inflammation is a common condition affecting all ages, though the prevalence Read more…

What is ageism?


Ageism is words or actions that judge someone based on their age, old or young. Ageist behaviors can be purposeful or accidental with personal and societal consequences. While most people think ageism only involves older adults, anyone can be ageist or be affected by ageism. First used by Dr. Robert Butler in 1969, ageism is Read more…