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¿Qué es un trastorno alimentario?

Health & Wellness Mental Health Posts en Español

En el último mes tuvimos la Semana Nacional de Concienciación sobre los Trastornos Alimentarios. Siga leyendo para saber un poco más sobre los trastornos alimentarios y cómo obtener ayuda. ¿Qué son los trastornos alimentarios? Los trastornos alimentarios son enfermedades graves, responsables de dolencias médicas y físicas. Se definen como cambios en los comportamientos y patrones

Hot flashes and mood swings in perimenopause! Make ‘em go away!

Reproductive Health

Ugh! We are right there with you! Perimenopause (the time before, during, and right after menopause) is a normal and expected process for ~50% of the human population. Nevertheless.The.Symptoms.Can.Stink. 🔥Studies show between 50-85% of us experience hot flashes during the late menopausal transition and early postmenopause. For most of us, these are mild to moderate.

Is there any update on additional COVID booster shots?


“Receiving more than one updated booster is not currently authorized by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.” The US CDC issued the above guidance this week (March 27th), stating: “At this time, one updated booster dose is recommended for everyone in order to maintain protection from severe illness.” **Correction: This article was corrected on March

Can COVID-19 cause erectile dysfunction (ED)?

Reproductive Health

Signs point to yes. Previous small studies suggested a link between COVID-19 and ED, but we now have… firmer evidence. A large study using US insurance claims data compared men who were infected with COVID-19 between Jan 2020-Jan 2021 (so pre-vaccine) to men with similar characteristics without an infection. Men with a COVID-19 infection were

Is there an easy way to search your past posts?


A: YES! You can search our past posts at thosenerdygirls.org! If you don’t find a post answering your question, you can submit a question to us via our question box here! Since March 2020, Those Nerdy Girls have answered 2000+ questions on our Facebook pages (Those Nerdy Girls and our Spanish-language site Las Nerdy Girls)

Can I get the COVID-19 vaccine booster if I am fasting for Ramadan?


A: Yes, you can and Ramadan Mubarak! Islamic leaders and scholars agree that getting the COVID-19 vaccine does not break the fast for Ramadan. If you have not yet gotten your primary vaccine series or bivalent booster, you still can! Read on for more answers to your questions about Ramadan and COVID-19 vaccines. Ramadan is


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