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2023 TNG Annual Report


It’s hard to believe that Those Nerdy Girls is now four years old! As we continue to grow and expand as a sustainable organization, we are pleased to introduce our first Annual Report. While preparing this overview, we were once again filled with gratitude for your generous support in 2023. Your contributions have been instrumental Read more…

Does Paxlovid reduce the risk of long COVID?

Infectious Diseases Long COVID Treatments

Unfortunately, data is mixed on the usefulness of Paxlovid for the prevention of long COVID. We need more data, including clinical trials that are carefully designed, to evaluate whether or not there is a benefit. Long COVID, also known as post-acute sequelae of COVID-19, refers to lingering symptoms that emerge in some individuals following a SARS-CoV-2 infection. Read more…

Do you know of any resources for educators who want to help kids build skills in identifying and evaluating information this summer?

Data Literacy Families/Kids

A: Yes! So glad you asked! Tl; DR: The News Literacy Project just released a new (and free!) ‘Camp Fact-Check” kit that is designed to help educators build kids in searching for information, evaluating evidence, and assessing claims. Are you teaching summer school and looking for curriculum ideas that can boost kids skills in news Read more…

Five Breakthrough Vaccines in Development


*World Immunization Week was 24-30 April, 2024 In recognition of World Immunization Week 2024, we’re highlighting five breakthrough vaccines in development that could transform the fight against some of the world’s deadliest diseases. The rapid development of COVID-19 vaccines has shown the incredible power of immunization, saving millions of lives. Today, vaccines prevent over 20 Read more…

May 12 – 18 is National Women’s Health Week!

Health & Wellness

National Women’s Health Week is an observance that aims to ➡️ Highlight women’s health issues and priorities and ➡️ Encourage women of all ages to prioritize their physical, mental, and emotional well-being. This year’s theme is Empowering Women, Cultivating Health: Celebrating Voices, Wellness, and Resilience. The Office on Women’s Health uses this week to celebrate Read more…

We should get ahead of vaccine hesitancy before new vaccines come out.

Uncertainty and Misinformation Vaccines

Recent headlines have been filled with news about the H5N1 “avian flu” outbreak in birds and cattle. The situation is quickly evolving, requiring public health officials and communicators to stay up to date and provide rapid and regular updates. Concerns about our country’s readiness to deal with another pandemic are growing, including insufficient data collection Read more…