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Is ‘Immunity Debt’ Behind China’s Rising Childhood Pneumonia Cases?

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TL;DR: There is no “immunity debt” for individuals. But *populations* can experience a “catch-up” period after a period of low virus transmission, which is what seems to be happening in China right now. Recent reports of a high number of cases of childhood pneumonia in China definitely made epidemiologists a tad nervous. But so far, Read more…

Q: Why can’t I get antibiotics for a cough?

Infectious Diseases

A: Taking an antibiotic when it’s not needed contributes to antimicrobial resistance and can put you and others at risk of more severe infections. TLDR: Antimicrobial resistance occurs when bacteria, fungi, parasites or viruses mutate in ways that make common treatments ineffective. More and more antibiotics are losing their effectiveness due to antimicrobial resistance, so Read more…

The number of babies born with syphilis has risen dramatically over the last 10 years. What’s going on?

Infectious Diseases Reproductive Health

Tl;dr: Congenital syphilis is a disease that occurs when a pregnant person passes the infection on to their baby during pregnancy and can be very serious. Rates of congenital syphilis have significantly increased in the last decade. Congenital syphilis can be prevented by finding and treating syphilis in pregnancy. Unfortunately, lack of access to pregnancy Read more…

Does nitric oxide nasal spray (Enovid/VirX/FabiSpray) help prevent or treat COVID-19?

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Dr. Chana Davis, PhD answers your question “Does nitric oxide nasal spray (Enovid/VirX/FabiSpray) help prevent or treat COVID-19?” This latest Nerdy Girl live was hosted on 8/24/2023 by: 🔸Andrea Harmony, NP-C, PMHS: TNG Contributing Writer & Family Nurse Practitioner 🔸Chana Davis, PhD: TNG Contributing Writer & Founder of Fueled by Science You can find the Read more…

Nerdy Girls Live 08/24/23

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Those Nerdy Girls answer your questions about COVID-19 and flu, including boosters, risk, new variant, and nasal sprays. Hosted by: – Andrea Harmony, NP-C, PMHS: TNG Contributing Writer & Family Nurse Practitioner – Chana Davis, PhD: TNG Contributing Writer & Founder of Fueled by Science ➡️ Welcome and Intros (0:00-0:46) ➡️ Is COVID-19 the new Read more…

COVID is not gone.

Infectious Diseases

Those Nerdy Girls wanted to remind everyone that COVID is not gone. In fact, we are in the midst of another surge in many parts of the world right now, notably in the US and some hints of that happening in Canada as well and some parts of Europe. Since cases are on the rise, Read more…

Is COVID the new Flu?

Infectious Diseases

A: No. For young babies and anyone over age 18, COVID-19 illness continues to hospitalize people at higher rates than the Flu. Even though COVID-19 has caused over 1 million deaths in the US (almost 7 million globally) and 6 million hospitalizations over the past 3 years, we are in a much better place. U.S. Read more…

What’s the latest on the new RSV vaccine for pregnant people?

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A: Pfizer’s clinical trial of a new RSV vaccine in pregnancy showed high vaccine efficacy against severe disease in infants. The FDA advisory committee discussed an observed difference in premature births in the placebo vs. vaccine group, but concluded that the difference was likely due to chance rather than from the vaccine itself. TL;DR: The Read more…