Irini Hadjisavva, PhD, Science Communication Director

Dr. Irini Hadjisavva is a molecular and cellular biologist who does science communication on digestive health, the gut microbiome, and its impact on overall health and wellbeing. A graduate of the University of Virginia (BSc in Biochemistry) and the George Washington University (PhD in Molecular and Cellular Oncology), Irini has focused her career on cancer therapeutics, thyroid disease, digestive health, and the gut microbiome, having also taught biology to both high school and university students. Irini co-authored the book Stop Bloating and Heal Your Gut and currently hosts the Instagram Live Series Love Plants, where she invites experts to discuss gut health and plant-based eating trends. Additionally, in an effort to raise awareness and dispel myths on gut health and the many disorders of the gut-brain interaction, Irini has designed a series of workshops for both corporations and individuals, and disseminates scientifically-backed content on these subjects. One of her main goals as a science communicator is to make this knowledge accessible to everyone and do her part in fighting the misinformation that plagues today’s wellness world. Irini lives on the Mediterranean island of Cyprus with her Ecuadorian husband and two daughters. There, she enjoys practicing yoga, going on long walks to feed her gut with stimulating microbes, and playing around with seasonal, plant-based ingredients.

Find her on Twitter: @DrIriniH
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