About Us

Those Nerdy Girls came together in a moment of crisis in March 2020. As the creators of Dear Pandemic, we filled the early information void and translated emerging COVID-19 science first for our family & friends, and then a much larger public audience. Read more about our origin story here.


TNG helps our readers make better health decisions by providing practical and factual health information. As trusted messengers, we build readers’ confidence in navigating health information and sharing their knowledge with others.


We envision a world in which everyone has the tools and confidence to make evidence-informed health decisions.


  • Accessibility: We are committed to providing free and equitable access to health information.
  • Curiosity: We actively look for chances to learn and improve our knowledge about science, society, and the world around us.
  • Humility: We approach our work from a position of humility, always taking constructive feedback and striving to improve our work.
  • Impartiality: We strive to deliver our message without bias or inclination toward any specific group or political, religious, or other ideologies.
  • Collegiality: We strive to work with our “competitors,” not against them.
  • Empathy: We write from a position of empathy, always thinking carefully and considerately about what our readers are facing and feeling.
  • Equity: We are committed to lifting up the voices of women in science.
  • Respect: We respect all of our readers and never use a condescending tone. We treat each other with compassion and dignity at all times.
  • Multiple Perspectives: We value interdisciplinarity and different perspectives. We actively seek out opinions of others in different fields to help inform and improve our work.