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Hey, NYC Rats! Who’s in charge now?

Health Policy

TL, DR; NYC recently appointed Kathleen Corradi as the city’s first Rat Czar, who will be implementing a wide range of new strategies to mitigate the city’s unfortunate rodent problem. Kudos to Ms. Corradi! Rattus norvegicus first landed in NYC over 250 years ago and their populations have flourished. Millions of brown rats have thoroughly

Why do Those Nerdy Girls use phrases like “people with cervices” and “people who lactate” in your reproductive health posts? Why not just say “women”?

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TL;DR: Our phrases include more people. When we exclude people by not naming them, they may lack access to critical information they need to make potentially life-saving decisions. We are science communicators. We take complicated scientific research and medical recommendations and try to make them easily digestible to our readers. As scientists, we must be

What does the science say about Daylight Saving Time?

Health Policy

Q: What does the science say about Daylight Saving Time? A: TL; DR. Permanent Standard Time is best for our sleep and circadian biology, which is fundamental to overall health and well-being. Sleep and circadian scientists advocate for ending the twice annual shifting of the clock. However, rather than switching to permanent Daylight Saving Time

Is the new CDC isolation policy good or bad?

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A: There are no easy answers, only tough tradeoffs. Read below to learn how to stay calm and think on. 💥Think Like a Health Policy Nerd: A New Occasional Series💥 Pandemic policy chatter is a bit like an epidemic curve. A controversial health policy decision lands. It’s met with loud cheers by some and louder