Nerdy Girls Live 05/26/23

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Those Nerdy Girls present the facts, bust myths, and discuss solutions to the gun violence crisis in America.

Hosted by:

– Sara Gorman, PhD, MPH: Contributing Writer at TNG, co-Founder of Critica & Author of Denying to the Grave
– Chana Davis, PhD: TNG Contributing Writer & Founder of Fueled by Science

➡️ Hello and Introductions (00:00-02:09)

➡️ Why is gun violence considered a public health crisis? (2:10-3:37)

➡️ How big is the gun violence problem in America? (3:38-7:47)

➡️ What are some other impacts of gun violence that go beyond deaths/injuries – like mental health? (7:48-10:17)

➡️ What are some factors that contribute to high rates of gun violence in the US? (10:18-14:11)

➡️ What are some of the biggest myths and misconceptions about gun violence? (14:12-19:52)

➡️ What can we do to be part of the solution? (19:56-26:26)

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