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Are you truly a COVID-19 virgin?

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Maybe …or maybe not. Recent studies suggest that many people are unaware of their past COVID-19 infections. A Canadian study found that, in people with antibodies showing previous infection, roughly half of them thought they were COVID-19 virgins. This study used blood samples from roughly 15,000 Canadian adults surveyed across the country from April 2022

Are vaccinated people “dying suddenly?”

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A: No. The Office of National Statistics in England just released some comprehensive new data comparing deaths from ALL causes by COVID vaccination status. Across all age groups, death rates are consistently lower among vaccinated vs. unvaccinated people. You can also clearly see the spikes in mortality associated with the Delta & Omicron waves that

Are we over-counting Covid deaths?

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No. Sadly, we are most likely still UNDER-counting Covid-19 deaths. Among the most persistent COVID-19 myths is the idea that COVID-19 deaths are being over-counted, which recently resurfaced in a Washington Post editorial. We’ve all heard stories of COVID positive motorcycle accident victims being counted or the saying that people are dying *with* COVID-19 rather