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What is the Dunning-Kruger effect?

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Tl;dr: The Dunning-Kruger effect occurs when someone’s lack of knowledge or skill in a certain area causes them to overestimate their own ability. It also causes people who are the most competent to think less of their skill. Self-reflection, objective measures of performance, and getting meaningful feedback can help keep you from falling victim to Read more…

Are we over-counting Covid deaths?

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No. Sadly, we are most likely still UNDER-counting Covid-19 deaths. Among the most persistent COVID-19 myths is the idea that COVID-19 deaths are being over-counted, which recently resurfaced in a Washington Post editorial. We’ve all heard stories of COVID positive motorcycle accident victims being counted or the saying that people are dying *with* COVID-19 rather Read more…

Life Expectancy Update 2021

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In many countries, life expectancy dropped substantially in 2020 due to COVID. Did life expectancy bounce back in 2021, or did things get even worse? TL;DR: A mixed bag, w/ greater divergence of experiences as the pandemic wore on. While Western Europe saw improvements from 2020, the US and Eastern Europe saw continued losses. Read Read more…

Why do long COVID estimates seem to vary so much from study to study?

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A: Different case definitions, study participants, data collection methods, and study timing across studies. TL:DR: Current estimates of the proportion of COVID-19 cases that develop long COVID range from 3-20% and have been as high as 50%! Considering how studies differ can help us understand why estimates vary so much across studies. Things to keep Read more…