Threats to reproductive rights are a public health crisis.

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This past week has been a sucker punch to women and science. Those Nerdy Girls are committed to providing actionable, factual science communication around public health crises.

While the majority of our content to date has covered COVID-19, there are a number of public health topics that require further coverage. If we are not talking about women’s reproductive rights as a public health crisis, we are failing. Dear Pandemic by Those Nerdy Girls is committed to expanding our content on topics including maternal mortality, pregnancy/period/menopause myths, and the science behind reproductive policies and health outcomes. To fulfill this mission, we will be recruiting experts in women’s health to the Nerdy Girl team.

We will be sticking to our tried and true format: short(ish) posts rooted in science that are factual and actionable with a healthy dose of empathy. Science is important and meant to be shared. Especially on social media.
If you or someone you know has expertise in women’s health and wants to join Those Nerdy Girls as a volunteer, please reach out to [email protected]. Ideally, the person would have a strong command of research and women’s health expertise from research and/or practice. We can teach the science communication piece to someone who is interested.

Our commitment to women and science persists. Our question box is open. Onward!

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