US FDA Approves Extra Booster For Adults 50+ and the Immunocompromised

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NEWS: The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) authorized a “2nd booster” of Pfizer or Moderna vaccines for adults over age 50.

Key points:

➡️ A 4th dose is authorized for anyone 50 and over who received a booster of an authorized COVID-19 vaccine more than 4 months ago.

➡️ An additional booster (a 5th dose) is authorized for immunocompromised patients ages 12 and over who previously received a booster after a 3-dose primary series at least 4 months ago (18 and over for the Moderna vaccine).

➡️ From the FDA language here, it sounds like recipients of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine who previously received a first booster can now receive a 2nd booster (for a total of 3 shots). YAY!

This 2nd booster recommendation is based on evidence of antibody waning months after the 3rd dose. Evidence from Israel shows 4th doses increase antibody levels and protection against infection with Omicron. The UK recently started giving 4th doses to those ages 75 and over.

These boosts are particularly important for the immunocompromised who may not mount as good a response to the previous doses. Age also remains the strongest risk factor for severe COVID and death, so those 50 and older want to keep their protection as high as possible.

💥 3rd doses remain VERY IMPORTANT for protection against Omicron, so if you are still waiting on that one, please get it!

Stay Safe, Stay Sane.


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