February is American Heart Month: what screenings are available for cardiovascular disease?

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Screening for cardiovascular disease (CVD) includes checking for risk factors including high blood pressure, cholesterol and glucose. Screenings such as an EKG, stress test, coronary calcium score CT scan or cardiac catheterization may also be used depending on risks and symptoms. Those Nerdy Girls want to help people identify symptoms and reduce their risk of

¿Las pruebas rápidas de antígeno detectan las últimas variantes de COVID-19?

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Las pruebas rápidas de detección de antígenos pueden detectar las últimas variantes de COVID-19, pero su rendimiento puede ser más débil que con las cepas originales de SARS-CoV-2. Muchos factores, como la variante vírica, la marca de la prueba y la cantidad de virus presente en el hisopo, influyen en la eficacia de las pruebas

Celebrating Dr. Kizzmekia “Kizzy” Corbett

Women in STEM

During Black History Month (and every day!), we celebrate Dr. Kizzmekia “Kizzy” Corbett, A Nerdy Girl hero who developed the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine. Dr. Corbett is a 37 year old Black American scientist. Until 2021 she was a viral immunologist at the Vaccine Research Center at the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, National

Isn’t boy vs. girl just a simple matter of different sex chromosomes (XX vs. XY) and body parts?

Reproductive Health

A: Actually, humans come in a variety of X and Y chromosome combinations (not just XX and XY) and body parts (i.e., anatomy). TL; DR: Most people that have XX chromosomes develop what is considered “typical” female anatomy and most that have XY chromosomes develop “typical” male anatomy. But not always. Other sex chromosome combinations

Any update on Mpox?

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There hasn’t been a lot of coverage in the news lately, so we thought it was time to give a brief update! The number of cases of Mpox (previously called monkeypox) is generally decreasing worldwide! Mpox, previously called monkeypox, is a disease caused by a virus and has symptoms very similar to smallpox, though much