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The moment you’ve all been waiting for….. NERDY GIRL SWAG!!! Just in time for your holiday shopping, we are thrilled to launch our new store with something special for all the Nerds in your life. Your purchases will help financially support the science communication mission of Those Nerdy Girls. P.S. We’d love to see pics

🌟 Enfrentando los Retos del COVID-19: El estado actual de la pandemia

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La Alianza de Participación Comunitaria (CEAL – Community Engagement Alliance) en la Clínica Mayo en EE.UU. colaboró con varias organizaciones para presentar un evento de panel centrado en el estado actual de la pandemia. Los panelistas incluyeron líderes en salud, líderes religiosos y expertos en salud mental. Los panelistas respondieron preguntas relacionadas con el estado

Dear Readers: What are your best and worst pandemic purchases?


Dear Readers: Who has made some awesome (or not-so-awesome) purchases during the pandemic? We’ve (thankfully) passed the days of hoarding toilet paper, but Those Nerdy Girls know that stressful times may still call for retail therapy, whether small impulse buys (celebrity gossip rags, anyone?) or big splurges (hello, inflatable hot tubs). Some purchases have worked

Dear Pandemic Origin Story Revisited


This week, to commemorate two years of the magical collaboration that is Dear Pandemic, we’ll be re-sharing some posts from back in the day… back when we thought we would sunset this project by August 2020 at the latest. Back when the best data we had was coming off of the #DiamondPrincess. Back when we