Is there an easy way to search your past posts?


A: YES! You can search our past posts at thosenerdygirls.org! If you don’t find a post answering your question, you can submit a question to us via our question box here!

Since March 2020, Those Nerdy Girls have answered 2000+ questions on our Facebook pages (Those Nerdy Girls and our Spanish-language site Las Nerdy Girls) and most of our past posts are searchable at thosenerdygirls.org!

For example, did you know we have written *558* posts about ‘Vaccines’, *165* on “Uncertainty and Misinformation’, *60* on topics related to ‘Reproductive Health’ and nearly *500* posts en Español? Visit thosenerdygirls.org to view them all!

On our website you can:

⭐ Enter a keyword into the light blue-colored search box on our home page and retrieve ALL posts related to that keyword.

⭐ Click on the gold-colored ‘Browse Recent Posts’ box to view a list of topics we have answered questions about in past posts and then click on a topic to see everything we’ve EVER posted on that topic OR just scroll down to see our most recent posts from the past week or so.

Don’t see a post answering your question, you can visit our website and:

⭐ Click on the text ‘Submit a question’ on our homepage to reach our question box, then send us your question directly via this form.

While we don’t have the womanpower to answer each question individually, we diligently review each and every question submitted to help inform the topics we will cover in the coming weeks! In addition, our awesome team makes every effort to email readers who submit a question to let them know we answered their question after we post on that topic!!!

We love being a resource to all our Nerdy readers! Please check out our website and keep sending us your questions!

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