Are you interested in joining our new Social Media Squad?


Those Nerdy Girls want to reach new audiences, and we are recruiting volunteers for our new Social Media Squad! Read on to learn how to join the team.

Over the last two+ years, Those Nerdy Girls have grown from a small group of volunteers to a much larger team (still all volunteers!). We continue to be committed to factual science communication around public health crises. While the majority of our content to date has covered COVID-19, we have recently expanded to include a Reproductive Health Squad. Our tried and true format remains: short(ish) posts rooted in evidence-based science that provide actionable steps and healthy doses of empathy/humor. Science is important and meant to be shared. Especially on social media.

In addition to broadening our topics, it is also important that we increase our demographic reach. To that end, we are establishing a group of volunteers to assist us in better navigating social media. If you have been inspired and/or informed by Those Nerdy Girls and would like to join our team, we are currently looking for volunteers for this new Social Media Squad. There will be a cohort training component once the squad is fully formed. The ongoing time commitment is flexible, but we estimate ~2-3 hours per week.

If you or someone you know has expertise in social media and wants to join Those Nerdy Girls as a volunteer, please reach out to [email protected]. Ideally, the person would:

  • be well-versed in some or all of the following platforms: Insta (posts, stories, reels), Twitter, LinkedIn, FB, TikTok, YouTube, Canva, Later.
  • have experience in one or more of the following: SciComm, Public Health, Patient Education, Health Literacy, Social Media Accessibility.
  • enjoy innovating and collaborating.

Our commitment to women and science persists. Onward!