Dear Readers: What are your best and worst pandemic purchases?


Dear Readers:

Who has made some awesome (or not-so-awesome) purchases during the pandemic?

We’ve (thankfully) passed the days of hoarding toilet paper, but Those Nerdy Girls know that stressful times may still call for retail therapy, whether small impulse buys (celebrity gossip rags, anyone?) or big splurges (hello, inflatable hot tubs). Some purchases have worked out great; others are piling up awaiting return. Those Nerdy Girls share some of those below.

What are YOUR best (and worst) pandemic purchases? Tell us in the comments!

Aparna: Best: Blender (so many smoothies🥤 ). Worst: So many seeds 🪴 (yes, gardening never really took to me).

Joanna: Best: New clothes 👙 after losing pandemic weight. Worst: A Peloton 🚴‍♀️ that collected laundry.

Gretchen: Best: Electric standing desk that automatically adjusts to individualized standing and sitting 🪑 heights. Love it! Worst: A video lighting kit for Zoom meetings. It didn’t make me look like a movie star 🎬 after all.

Megan: Best: A house 🏡 with a giant wild backyard. Worst: All the clothes I ordered from Amazon that look worse in person and still have to be returned 📦.

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