Those Nerdy Girls’ Origin Story from March 2020


Who else is feeling serious March 2020 flashback vibes? #flattenthecurve

It feels like both a million years and the blink of an eye. We Nerdy Girls thought we might be answering questions on here for a few weeks at the most. Despite all the stress, grief, and pain of the last three years, we are SO grateful for the chance to work with this amazing group of women every day. We also never imagined how much we would love and learn from YOU, our Dear Pandemic/TNG community. We’ve all been through A LOT together. We’re here for the long haul.

If you ever wondered what Those Nerdy Girls beginnings looked like, please read this poignant and hilarious account from our founder Dr. Malia Jones.

Highlights include an Icelandair flight, a pair of costume steampunk goggles courtesy of the CDC , 9 seasons of My Little Pony, the real Dr. Phil , some depressing Fitbit data, and so much more.

Happy Anniversary to Dear Pandemic!

Link to Our Origin Story!