It is Teacher Appreciation Week!


Those Nerdy Girls want to take a moment to honor those who dedicate their lives to educating the next generation.

Whether in PreK-12 or at the university level or education in your area of expertise, you are the ones who ensure that we continue to strive for and value a civil society, progress in the math and sciences, develop our imaginations and learn how to connect to those around us.

We are so grateful to you, our readers, who are teachers, professors, and educators, for you are our partners in all these efforts to bring trustworthy and actionable information to the public. You share this information within your spheres of influence! You, too, are Nerdy Girls!

🌟And where would we be without our own teachers, professors, and educators who make up Those Nerdy Girls?! 🌟

Take a moment to learn more about those who help create the secret sauce here at TNG.

Be well, and feel loved.

Those Nerdy Girls

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