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Staying Safe

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We can still do our part.

Staying Safe

You may have noticed the headlines in the past month or two. Kids, especially the littlest ones, have been increasingly at risk as we have seen more children admitted to the hospital for respiratory illnesses since August 2022. For babies in the 0-6 month group, it is estimated that 1 in 500 has been admitted

How can we make public indoor spaces safer with on-going risks from COVID?

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Answer: Ventilation (add outdoor air to dilute virus in inside air) Filtration (capture and remove virus from inside air) Thanks to Whitney Robinson, PhD and Kathleen Harper, MSPH for making this convenient one-pager with tips on improving indoor air quality to minimize spread of COVID-19 (and other viruses) in public and shared spaces. Full document

I suspect that my kids may have been exposed to COVID-19 at summer camp. What can I do to protect my family and my community from the risk of infection?

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Thanks to guest author Dr. Katie Schenk (who recently picked up her kids at camp) for offering to write this post. It’s a great American summer tradition: sleepaway camp! Campfires, singing, sports, smores, and now… COVID-19? Despite best intentions and precautions, the BA.5 surge has already contributed to many COVID-19 outbreaks at summer camp. Camps

Gráfico sobre los síntomas de un golpe de calor y cosas que ayudan a prevenir el malestar y efectos peligrosos del calor extremo.

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La gráficas que compartimos hoy fueron creadas por Climate Psychiatry Alliance @ClimatePsychiatryAlliance y tienen información importante sobre los síntomas de un golpe de calor y cosas que ayudan a prevenir el malestar y efectos peligrosos del calor extremo. Estas gráficas no fueron creadas por Querida Pandemia. Para cualquier pregunta adicional sobre estas gráficas, por favor

Si el COVID-19 está en todas partes, ¿cuál es el punto en seguir protegiéndonos?

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Mucho ha cambiado desde principios de 2020, sin embargo, mantener en niveles bajos la tasa de reproducción que mide la intensidad de un brote infeccioso o factor “R”, sigue siendo prioritario. Si bien es cierto que todos estamos fatigados y frustrados por la extensión de la pandemia, las medidas preventivas no deben interpretarse en términos

Dear Pandemic Live Q&A 07-08-22

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Those Nerdy Girls will answer questions about long COVID, outdoor transmission, rapid antigen testing, and more. Featuring: Amanda Simanek, PhD, MPH, DP Founding Member Chana Davis, PhD – DP Contributing Writer ➡️ Welcome, Intros, and chit chat (0:00-0:53) ➡️ Should I vaccinate my child against COVID-19? (0:54-3:39) Check out this link to the live Q&A

What’s the point of making an effort anymore if COVID-19 is everywhere?

Infection and Spread Staying Safe

A: Remember “flatten the curve”? We still need to “flatten the waves.” Much has changed since this rallying cry of Spring 2020, but keeping the infamous reproductive rate (or “R-value”) down is still a worthy goal. While we *totally* feel everyone’s pandemic fatigue and frustration with fellow humans, it’s not all or nothing with prevention