Nerdy Girls Live 06/22/23

COVID Variants Infection and Spread Staying Safe Testing and Contact Tracing Vaccines Videos

Those Nerdy Girls discuss COVID-19 risks, precautions, and boosters.

Hosted by:
– Jenn Dowd, PhD: TNG Editor in Chief & Founding Member
– Chana Davis, PhD: TNG Contributing Writer & Founder of Fueled by Science

➡️ Hello and Introductions (00:00-01:12)

➡️ Current COVID-19 risk level (What is it and how is it measured?) (1:13-5:13)

➡️ Are new variants more (or less) infectious? (5:15-9:16)

➡️ Is there going to be an updated Covid booster in the fall? (9:17-15:41)

➡️ When should I (and my loved ones) get boosted? (15:42-22:54)

➡️ What do we know about the contagious period for COVID-19 right now? Are rapid tests still good indicators of current contagion, or is there a better metric? (23:00-30:45)

➡️ What does it mean that Paxlovid obtained full approval (for use in adults)? (30:46-34:20)

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