Tips for a Safer Thanksgiving

Families/Kids Staying Safe

‘Tis the season of SO many respiratory viruses!

As we face another Thanksgiving with surging viruses, how can we enjoy precious moments with family and friends while lowering the risk of getting or spreading illness?

Think in terms of harm reduction: a little bit better is a little bit better.

Small steps you take to reduce risk are worthwhile.

And the prevention tools that work for COVID will reduce the risk of RSV, flu, and many other nasty viruses.

💥 Top Nerdy Girl Thanksgiving tips:


🤒 Stay home if sick.

We know this is a gray area with perpetually snotty kids. Try to use your common sense if visiting grandparents, young babies, or other vulnerable loved ones. If anyone feels feverish or really cruddy, that’s a good sign they are contagious with SOME virus you’d rather not pass on.

🧪 Rapid test for COVID prior to traveling or gathering for Thanksgiving dinner. Knowledge is power-don’t bring uninvited viral guests to dinner.

🪟 Ventilate. Open windows or hang out outside when weather permits. Use HEPA filters for additional protection.

😷 Mask strategically.

Masks (N95/KN95 quality) effectively block inhalation and exhalation of COVID AND other respiratory viruses. Masking during travel can help protect yourself and others even if you don’t mask during Thanksgiving dinner. Use strategic masking if you find yourself developing symptoms during your holiday.

🧼 Wash hands and disinfect high touch surfaces.

While COVID dominates the air rather than hands, RSV and many other germs last longer on surfaces. Break out that hand sanitizer and those Lysol wipes again, especially before eating (but old-fashioned soap and water works great too).

💉 Get your updated COVID AND flu shots. If you are 60 or over, or in your last trimester of pregnancy, get the new RSV vaccine. This won’t help for Thanksgiving, but it’s not too late for a safer Christmas.

These vaccines are amazing gifts of science to help keep us and our loved ones out of the hospital and alive for many more holidays to come.

🙏🏽 Enjoy your loved ones and be thankful. Gratitude is healthy for the body and the soul.

Every little bit of prevention counts. Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good!

Much love,
Those Nerdy Girls

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