BIG Thank You to All School Nurses!

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Sending a BIG thank you to all the school nurses for everything they have done to keep students safe through an unpredictable school year.

School nurses are a vital link between education and health for students. As health providers with expertise in school-age children, they are responsible for preventative measures and daily health management of millions of children.

The responsibilities of school nurses are diverse and complex. School nurses assist in the management of chronic conditions such as diabetes and asthma. School nurses evaluate, triage, and treat of a wide variety of emergencies ranging from playground bumps and bruises to life-threatening emergencies. School nurses attend to students’ social and emotional health and are tuned into evolving needs across childhood development. Last but not least, school nurses exercise STELLAR communication skills championing student needs with parents, teachers, and administrators to make learning environments inclusive and safe. School nurses are vital advocates for health within the walls of the school and in the local community.

The COVID-19 pandemic has increased the demands on school nurses in many ways. School nurses are integral to opening schools and keeping them open, weighing each child’s health and educational needs. School nurses lead COVID-19 symptom screening and contact tracing, providing guidance to parents and staff daily. School nurses offer health expertise in the writing and re-writing of risk mitigation procedures, often facing criticism from polarized communities. School nurses are excellent community vaccinators. Leaning on their extensive experience in vaccine education and administration, school nurses provide COVID-19 vaccinations to students, staff, and local community members.

The role of school nurses is vital to the health of students, teachers, and communities. We send MAJOR thanks for your service over the last year. Next year will have challenges. School nurses will be there. Until then, support our school nurses in any way you can.

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