Nerdy Girls Live 03/15/24: Those Nerdy Girls talk long COVID

Long COVID Videos

Those Nerdy Girls talk long COVID (PASC) with immunologist Dr. Liz Marnik.

Hosted by:
– Liz Marnik, PhD: Assistant Professor & Science Communicator (@sciencewhizliz)
– Chana Davis, PhD: TNG Contributing Writer & Founder of Fueled by Science

➡️ Welcome & Intros (0:00-1:29)

➡️ What is long COVID? How is long COVID or PCC/PASC defined and diagnosed (1:30-6:06)

➡️ What causes long COVID? (6:07-11:53)

➡️ How common is long COVID? What are the risk factors? (12:07-19:45)

➡️ Is it safe to get another vaccine if you have long COVID? (19:46-23:23)

➡️ How can someone with long COVID find the best treatment options? (23:24-30:14)


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