Nerdy Girls Live 03/09/23

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Join Those Nerdy Girls for answers to your questions about COVID-19 and more. Today’s topics include boosters, masking, and the media frenzy about erythritol and health.

Hosted by:
– Jenn Dowd, PhD:TNG Editor in Chief & Founding Member
– Chana Davis, PhD: TNG Contributing Writer & Founder of Fueled by Science

➡️ Hello and Introductions: 00:00-01:00

➡️ What is your take on the recent Cochrane review of masking to prevent COVID-19? 01:00-10:45

Do masks work?

What’s the best MASK to protect me from the Omicron variant?

Does my mask protect me if no one else is wearing one?

What is the best way to wear a mask sometimes?

Very nice summary of mask evidence and critique of Cochrane Review

➡️ Why do some people seem to dodge Covid-19, even when they take risks? 11:15-18:00

Why do some people not get COVID when everyone around them has it?

Why have some people never caught Covid? The answers could help protect us all.

➡️ I’m fully vaxxed. When can I get my next booster? 18:08-24:06

Can I get another COVID booster? It’s been more than 6 months since my last shot, and I’m worried about waning protection.

JCVI statement on spring 2023 COVID-19 vaccinations, 22 February 2023

➡️ Is it true that erythritol causes a greater risk of heart attack and stroke? 24:12-33:30

Science journals and weak science

Expert reaction to study looking at an artificial sweetener (erythritol) and cardiovascular disease events

The use of low or no calorie sweeteners

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NB: Always seek the advice of your health care provider with questions about your medical care.

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