Sept 16 is National Working Parents Day.

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Are you juggling work and family responsibilities?
Do you get overwhelmed with trying to do it all and do it well?

First, let us honor and validate our struggles and suffering while recognizing that our systems are not set up to support us in “doing it all” well. While we grow as a society and enact policies that support us as workers and caregivers, let us reflect on what we can do today.

Take a moment today, on NationalWorkingParentsDay, to create a simple wellness plan for yourself.

It may be as simple as taking the time and attention to notice the warmth and taste of your first sip of coffee ☕. Or the sweet-salty interplay of your morning toast .

It may involve throwing an impromptu dance party 🎵🎵 in the kitchen while making dinner with the kids and listening to Ice Spice’s latest beat. Maybe it’s walking around your office building or chatting on Teams with a favorite colleague, swapping stories about your teen’s latest reason for angst. Whatever your plan is, let it include humor, self-love, and patience for your loved ones, your workmates, and most importantly, yourself. 💕

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