Can I get a flu shot and a COVID-19 vaccine at the same time?



It is common to receive multiple vaccines at the same time. In fact, vaccines such as a TDAP include three different vaccinations in one shot (Tetanus, Diptheria, and Pertussis in case you were wondering.)

So why the change in guidance now? The CDC updated their guidance on August 31st removing the recommendation to wait 14 days between other a COVID-19 vaccine and other vaccinations.

This initial guidance was out of an abundance of caution with a new vaccination. After millions of doses, we have a better understanding of reactions specific to COVID-19 vaccines and there is no evidence to suggest against the co-administration of other vaccinations with a COVID-19 vaccine.

The pros of getting multiple vaccines at the same time include convenience, protection against multiple infectious threats, and catching up on vaccinations missed during the pandemic. If you are due for a flu shot and a COVID-19 vaccination (or another vaccine), it may be much more convenient to get them all at the same time. It is safe and convenient to get more than one shot at the same time.

The downside of getting multiple vaccinations at once are minimal. You may temporarily have two sore arms instead of one. Some may experience slightly more symptoms of immune activation (fatigue, muscle soreness, fever) with two vaccines versus one, but these are temporary. If you have had temporary symptoms from vaccinations in the past, you may choose to space out your vaccines. Just remember to schedule appointments for all the vaccines you need. It’s so easy to forget!

The CDC recommends getting a flu shot before the end of October. Some individuals are eligible for a third dose of the COVID-19 vaccination. Others are looking to get a first dose of a COVID-19 vaccine as we approach flu season. Whatever the situation, you can get your shots at the same time if you wish!


CDC recommendations. Scroll down to “Co-administration of COVID-19 vaccines with other vaccines”

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