Any news on COVID-19 vaccine trials for kids?

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A: Yes! Pfizer just announced Thursday that it has officially launched its phase 1 trial testing their COVID-19 vaccine in children aged 6 months-11 years.

Two twin 9-year old girls received their first dose on Wednesday! Let’s hear it for the next generation of the #nerdygirlnation!

The goals of the trial are to:

✅ Identify the right dose for various age groups (i.e., 5-11 years, 2-5 years and then 6 months – 2 years),
✅ Assess immunogenicity (i.e., whether the vaccine produces the expected immune response in children), and
✅ Monitor side effects and safety.

Phase 1 will be carried out in 144 children and focus on determining appropriate dosage. Phases 2 and 3 of the trial will take place in ~4500 children from the U.S. and Europe and focus on assessing immunogenicity and continued monitoring for side effects and safety. Children will get two doses, 21 days apart and those in the placebo group will be able to get the vaccine after six months. Trial results are projected to be available in fall 2021 and if granted authorization, the Pfizer vaccine would likely be available to kids in this age group in beginning of 2022 at the earliest.

This Pfizer trial adds to the list of trials already being carried out by Moderna and AstraZeneca among kids aged 6 months and older. Johnson & Johnson is also expected to launch a trial in kids soon. Results from other ongoing trials being conducted by Pfizer and Moderna in kids aged 12-15 and 12-17 years, respectively, are expected in the coming weeks with projections for authorization and then distribution by Fall 2021.

We will keep sharing new updates as they become available-so check back soon!!

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