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How do I break it to my mother-in-law that we’re not coming to Christmas dinner? 😬😬😬

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A: Here’s the bottom line: you are not in control of other people’s thoughts, feelings, or actions. You can only control your own thoughts, feelings, and actions. And you do not have to sacrifice your comfort to make someone else happy. Be firm, be brief, focus on your own decisions rather than hers, and don’t Read more…

Dear Pandemic COVID Q&A

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Dr. Simanek and Dr. Jones tackle follower questions in this not-quite-live Q&A session. We’re taking questions from Wisconsites about voting (:45), safety of hair salons (4:06), holding COVID safe funerals and other gatherings (10:32), close contacts vs. not close contacts (15:45), celebrating homecoming and other outdoor fall gatherings and events (25:01), and disease transmission patterns Read more…

What’s the most likely way to catch SARS-CoV-2? Do I still need to Lysol the bejeesus out of everything?

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A: You are most likely to catch SARS-CoV-2 from the AIR you breathe. General cleanliness rules for surfaces apply but you can stop obsessive purchases of Lysol and Clorox wipes. We’ve come a long way from those whimsical days in March when our hands were cracked from too much hand sanitizer and the high touch Read more…

Other than social distancing, wearing masks, staying outside, and washing hands, what else can we do to stay safe?

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Q:  Also, now that cooler weather is coming, what can my teenagers do indoors? We are already bored. A: It seems like you and your family are doing a lot of things right! Think about how much we’ve learned and adapted in the past 6 months. Wow. Congratulations. Here’s one more important factor to consider: Read more…

Will the 6 feet/2 meter rule keep me safe indoors?

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A: Not by itself. Important additional considerations include: • Ventilation • Number of people in the room • Duration of contact • Type of activity (silent, speaking, shouting/singing) • Use of masks Why are these additional precautions needed? Don’t airborne droplets fall to the ground within this distance? The history of the 6ft/2m distancing rule Read more…