With the holidays approaching, I am wondering….does a pod still make sense?

Families/Kids Socializing Staying Safe

A: Time for a TBT moment (Previous post)! Yes, a pod can help you socialize while minimizing your risk of infection.

The basics:

What is it?

A pod (aka social bubble, bubble) is a small, stable, self-contained group of people (usually children and adults) who interact with one another in a limited or not socially distanced way. A pod may be comprised of friends, family, neighbors, or contacts from school or work. Early in the pandemic, pods were often formed for social interaction. As schools have remained closed, pods have become groups for learning. And as winter is upon us, pods are also being considered for vacation, holidays, or winter socialization.

Who is in it?

No more than 2-3 families (no more than 10 people total is ideal). This allows you to limit your contacts and minimize risk to the immediate people involved. The three main groups of people involved are: children if making a pod for school/socialization, any adults coming into contact with the pod (or others involved/helping with the pod), and the other household family members of all children and adults in the pod. In other words, pod members, pod associates, non-pod household members.  Step-by-Step Guide to Forming a Pod

Who can I invite into my pod?

You want to invite people who have similar behaviors, risk factors (health status or other risk factors such as work/occupation), and who are able to agree to common ground rules for interactions outside of the pod. DP FB post on forming a pod

How do I set up a pod?

Choose your 2-3 families, set ground rules, make sure you will be able to stick with this group of people over a longer period of time (do you like them?), and set rules for visiting family, taking vacation, and agreeing upon when to isolate. To start the pod, you will each want to isolate for 14 days (in your household) before mixing together.

So can I still have Thanksgiving and Halloween and everything in between? The good news is….if you stick with your pod, you may be able to enjoy the holidays…just in a different way. If anyone gets sick, you will all need to isolate. But otherwise, one of the main purposes of the pod is healthy socialization in a way that minimizes your risk and the risk to others. Look here for our previous post on ideas for Halloween fun and maybe consider doing an egg hunt with Halloween candy for those in the pod.

Of course any addition of people to your circle carries risk. It is also important to consider local risk (as well as risks of travel to areas with higher rates of COVID-19), other activities that carry risk, and the composition of the group. Ultimately, it is about minimizing your risks to the extent possible. We will continue to help you do this as the holidays continue to descend upon us. And our little flyer may just help you remember the basics along the way.

Stay safe. Stay Sane. And have fun (did we mention in a safe way?)

With Love,
Those Nerdy Girls

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