The local bar is now open for indoor drinks. Is this a good idea?

Socializing Staying Safe

A: Safer options exist, especially if you are not vaccinated.

It is hard to maintain masks, distance, and airflow inside a bar, especially after a few drinks. COVID-19 cases spread at the bar have a way of traveling through the community and affecting many.

A recent study identified 46 cases of COVID-19 linked to one indoor bar opening (see attached MMWR report for full details). The outbreak affected 26 bar patrons, 3 bar staff, and 17 secondary cases. A secondary case occurs when a close contact of an event attendee develops COVID-19. The secondary cases affected household contacts and school contacts. One secondary contact resided in a long-term care facility and required hospitalization for their condition. The outbreak also required the closure of a school affecting 650 students.

Unfortunately, the virus that causes COVID-19 continues to spread, specifically among unvaccinated populations such as younger adults and children. COVID-19 infection is not confined to the event where risk mitigation practices are relaxed. It remains important to maintain space, masks, ventilation, smaller networks, short visits, and getting vaccinated when eligible to reduce community spread. Additionally, people who are sick or have tested positive for COVID-19 need to stay home for the full duration of their isolation period.

When choosing activities, choose the safest options available. Outdoor venues and places enforcing reduced capacity are preferred to crowded, indoor places. Small and spaced out meet ups are preferred to big groups. Keep up the masking! When it’s your turn, get vaccinated.

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