Should I vaccinate my kids even if they’ve already been infected with COVID-19?

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With COVID-19 vaccines for kids down to 6 months becoming available this week in the U.S., our Nerdy friend Dr. Katelyn Jetelina of Your Local Epidemiologist makes the strong case for vaccinating your kids, *even* if they’ve already been infected.


➡️ Kids ARE at risk from COVID. Thankfully kids die less often of almost everything compared to adults, but COVID is now one of the top 5 causes of death among children in the US and causing more deaths than all other pediatric vaccine-preventable diseases.

➡️ Previous infection + vaccination boosts antibody response considerably more than infection by itself, lowering the risk of re-infection.

➡️ The vaccines are remarkably safe. NOT getting your child vaccinated is also an active choice with its own risks to consider.

Read Dr. Jetelina’s full article here.

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