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📢 Did you know that…we have a SPANISH LANGUAGE TEAM?

Las Nerdy Girls have been sharing our same reliable, factual, and practical information out there since September of 2020! We tailor the information for Spanish speakers in the U.S. and internationally and use a good mix of sources from governments, non-governmental organizations, and studies to make this information understandable.

If you have Spanish speakers in your life, please share this information with them. And if you/they have questions, please drop it in Spanish language into our question box. Here is how you do that! https://dearpandemic.org/did-you-answer-a-question-about/

🔍 You can find our Facebook posts here.

And our Spanish language posts here on the website.

We have an amazing team of professionals who volunteer to do this work. Read more about some of our team members by clicking on the links below ⬇️ ⬇️ ⬇️

🆘 So hop on over and let us help you navigate health information and more, in Spanish @lasnerdygirls!

Cuerpo sano. Mente sana.
Las Nerdy Girls

Las Nerdy Girls Team:

Heidi Schutz

Jennifer Wheeler

Karina López

Maggie Hayes

Mary Baldridge

Sandra Albrecht (Founder)

Tita Smyth Escobedo

Virna Stillwaugh: No profile yet but you can find her posts on our page!

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