Risks of Delta and Kids

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We are getting TONS of questions about weighing the risks of Delta and kids.

We’ll continue to address specific topics, but wanted to share this thoughtful article on the topic that heavily features our own Nerdy Girl Dr. Lindsey Leininger.

As she wisely states,

“There are no easy answers, only tough trade-offs in so many situations.”

“She said the best way to protect kids who are currently too young to get vaccinated is for everyone else in the household who is eligible to get the shots. After that, decisions should be guided by what’s happening in individual communities and each family’s comfort level, she added.

“The first thing that’s always top of mind is the level of circulating disease in my community, because if the community is on fire, that really drives everything that I do,” said Leininger, who has two children under 12. “If you’re sitting in Vermont with low circulating disease and 80 percent of adults are vaccinated, it’s not the same calculus as if you’re sitting in New Orleans and hospitals are overflowing.”

Which activities are relatively safe, and which ones should be skipped? Here’s how Leininger and other experts weigh the risks.

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