Pandemic Heroines in the Kids’ Vaccine Trials

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As we prepare for yet another back-to-school season amid massive pandemic uncertainty, all of us parents are anxiously awaiting the results of those kids’ vaccine trials. WHEN WHEN WHEN??

Well, there’s no news on that front. But while we wait, let’s honor the little (and big) heroines and heroes of those trials. Parents are taking kids to multiple follow-up appointments, completing symptom diaries, wondering if their kid got the placebo or the treatment, and hoping that the vaccines prove both safe and effective. Kids are braving needle phobias, blood draws, and even the possibility of having to get extra shots! (Because they’ll have to get vaccinated after unblinding if they were in the placebo group.)

Without volunteers like you, there would be no vaccines. Thank you!

Special shout-out to readers Kasia and Annie for sharing their stories with us, and to all the other readers who have volunteered for clinical trials.

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