Calling all Nerdy Citizen Scientists! Please take our survey!

Uncertainty and Misinformation

We have an opportunity for you to contribute to our scientific understanding of the pandemic and the role of social media!

The most important part of #scicomm is the audience, and the most important part of public health is the public. That’s why we are delighted to invite YOU to participate in this survey designed to learn more about YOU, our readers!
We’re fielding this audience survey alongside our partners at Your local epidemiologist and Friendly Neighbor Epidemiologist

. We will use the results to compare our readerships and ensure that that we are serving our communities in the best possible way. Your commitment to public health and to Dear Pandemic makes your input vital to us. We promise to share the results with you. We appreciate your time!

To participate, you must be:
– A follower of one of the three sites, Dear Pandemic, Your local epidemiologist, OR Friendly Neighbor Epidemiologist, on any platform.
– at least 18 years old.
The survey is anonymous and has been reviewed by the research ethics board (IRB) at UTHealth (HSC-SPH-21-0015).
Stay safe. Stay sane.
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