BIG NEWS: Pfizer reports out on vaccine data for kids 5-11

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💥 BIG NEWS: Pfizer reports out on vaccine data for kids 5-11 💥

And the data look good!

Here’s the punchline via CNBC:

” Pfizer and BioNTech’s Covid vaccine is safe and appears to generate a robust immune response in a clinical trial of kids 5 to 11, the drugmakers announced.

The companies tested a two-dose regimen of 10 micrograms — about a third the dosage used for teens and adults — administered three weeks apart.

They plan to submit the data to the FDA and other health regulators “as soon as possible.””

If all continues to go well – and that’s a big if (FINGERS CROSSED!) – we may see shots in arms for this age group by Halloween. We also hope to see the data read-out on the youngest kids around the same time. We Nerdy Girls promise to keep a close eye on the data and associated regulatory unfolding and will share updates early and often.

A personal note: Like many fellow moms of kids in this age group, I have been anxiously awaiting these data. I can’t wait to vaccinate Max (age 10) and JoJo (age 6) when the time comes. Lots of feels as a mom scientist this morning.

With love,
Nerdy Girl Lindsey


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