Nerdy Girls Live 04/28/23

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Those Nerdy Girls offer up straight talk about sex, gender, chocolate and Mifepristone, plus an update on COVID-19 boosters.

Hosted by:

– Mary-Kathleen Haber, FNP-C, MSN, IBCLC, TNG Contributing Member, Reproductive Squad

– Chana Davis, PhD: TNG Contributing Writer & Founder of Fueled by Science

➡️ Hello and Introductions (00:00-01:10)

➡️ What are the latest COVID-19 booster recommendations? (01:10-3:37)

➡️ What is Mifepristone? Why is it in the US news? (3:38-9:11)

➡️ Why is Male & Female an oversimplification? What is intersex? (9:36-17:33)

➡️ What is the difference between sex and gender? Why is it important to understand and acknowledge these distinct concepts? (17:33-28:07)

➡️ Is it true that chocolate is unsafe? I heard something about toxins in the news! (28:08-38:00)

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