Nerdy Girl Announcements – May 7, 2021



I want to let our beloved readers know that Dear Pandemic has some changes on the horizon! We will continue posting on COVID-19 and taking your questions about the pandemic and vaccines.
And you can look forward to some gradual expansion in our scope. Over the next weeks and months, we will also start posting on stuff that’s not COVID-19. We welcome your questions on other health topics in the question box. Got a burning question about the science of sleep, information, trust, demography, aging, mental health, substance use, human behavior, communications, happiness, other infectious diseases, immunology, vaccines, or one of the MANY other topics in our collective areas of expertise? Put ’em in the question box at www.dearpandemic.org. I’m really excited to take this next step in our journey, and I hope you are too.

To reflect this change in scope, we will be changing our page name to Those Nerdy Girls soon. Don’t worry–the same nerds you know and love will still be here!

– Malia
Editor in Chief, Dear Pandemic–and Those Nerdy Girls!

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