Did you know it is National News Literacy Week?!!!

Uncertainty and Misinformation

It is! This week marks the 4th annual National News Literacy Week during which The News Literacy Project will be sharing tools and resources that can help us all become better at navigating news information and discuss how to rebuild trust in news media!

TL; DR: Check out the events they have planned and sign up for updates here.

Throughout the pandemic, we have been highlighting the amazing work of The News Literacy Project, a non-profit educational organization dedicated to boosting media literacy (see past posts below). During National News Literacy Week, they will “provide audiences with the knowledge, tools and abilities to become more news-literate”, “inspire news consumers, educators and students to practice news literacy”, and “strengthen trust in news media by reinforcing the role of credible journalism.” They have resources and events planned for all audiences (and some especially for educators), and we can’t wait to check them out!

During National News Literacy Week, we also want to recognize and celebrate all of our readers that have partnered with us over the past nearly 3 years, to become more savvy consumers (and sharers) of news and scientific information!

To check out a bunch of free tools, quizzes, and resources from The News Literacy Project, visit here.

See some of our past posts highlighting tips for sharpening our media literacy skills from The News Literacy Project as well as others, check out the links below: