Those Nerdy Girls Profiled in National Geographic


ICYMI: Those Nerdy Girls were recently profiled in National Geographic Magazine!

Some highlights:

“It’s like Grey’s Anatomy, Sex in the City, Friends, The Crown—name your favorite show. That’s me and the Nerdy Girls on Saturday,” she says. ~Susan Guariano, a Newark, Delaware, resident, tunes in every week (to FB live Q&As).

“In a world where women often struggle to be recognized as experts, the Dear Pandemic team has also made a “conscious effort to lift up each other’s voices,” says Jones.

“What we have learned through Dear Pandemic is that there is a need for a trusted venue of communication before you need it,” says Ritter. “You can’t wait until a pandemic or public health crisis happens to build that network of people who are available and trusted. I do think maintaining that trusted nexus of scientists will be necessary. We aren’t going anywhere.”

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