I still have a few questions about my indoor and outdoor activities? Help!

Socializing Staying Safe

A: We can help!

Remember, when you are doing activities indoors, ventilation helps. And plan most activities outdoors to minimize exposure to SARS-COV-2.

Can I leave the air conditioner on if I have an indoor activity?

According to the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE), yes but with a few considerations: 1) Increase the amount of outside air being circulated (if possible); 2) Avoid units that don’t recirculate air if anyone present has the potential to be ill (and opt for windows open); 3) Use the best filter possible, for example a MERV (Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value) 13 or an high efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter; and 4) Continue to distance, wear a mask, and minimize time spent indoors

New York Times Your Hot-Weather Guide to Coronavirus, Air-Conditioning and Airflow

How far should I stay away if people are unmasked outdoors (eating)?

Even with masks, 6 feet is a recommendation. 10 feet is better says Dr. Linsey Marr. And sneezes, coughs, and big exhalations can travel fast. We can’t completely predict the trajectory of droplets emerging from one of these events as well as the impact of the air movement around it. But the bottom line is that the droplets can move far (even up to 30 feet).  So stay away and space as much as is possible (in other words, more than 10 feet). If this is not possible, consider the activity and ways to reduce risk (for example, keep a mask on between eating/not eating at a restaurant).

Is it OK for me to go swimming at the pool?

There is no evidence that the virus spreads through water. So, the risks of transmission with a home pool with few users and spaced timing of use is relatively low. For common pools, the risks of transmission are greatest when individuals are on the pool deck or in crowded areas where they may be in close proximity to other people. Individuals cannot wear a mask in the water (it is a suffocation risk) so it is important to make sure that there are not too many people in the pool (making it impossible to socially distance) and that one wears a mask whenever outside the pool (even when socially distancing). Avoid shared spaces/tools (benches, chairs, pool toys), changing stations, locker rooms, showers, bathrooms in close proximity. Washington Post Swimming Pool Rules

Can I exercise outside?

Certainly it is better to do yoga or Zumba outside rather than inside. But if you plan to go to your favorite exercise class, continue to space, make sure it’s a small class, and wear a mask during class. New York Times on Group Exercise Classes

Stay safe. Stay sane.


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