How can I inquire about indoor air quality at my workplace and my child’s school?

Infection and Spread

A: Two priorities: ventilation and filtration. See six key diligence questions below.

First, two definitions for those who might want a “refresher” (ha ha…pun intended ;))

➡️ VENTILATION – the provision of *fresh air* to indoor spaces; and

➡️ FILTRATION – the removal of disease-causing particles from indoor air

Now onto the six key questions…..

Authored by science journalist Tara Parker-Pope, this checklist summarizes her conversations with the world’s leading experts on airborne disease transmission (reference below!)

🧐 QUESTION 1: What improvements have you made to the ventilation system?

Best practices: Ventilation filters with MERV (minimum efficiency reporting values) ratings of 13 or better; disabling “demand-controlled” ventilation, which reduces rate of outdoor air when occupancy is low; using “outdoor dampers” – movable plates that stops or regulates airflow

🧐 QUESTION 2: Can the windows be opened?

Best practice: An ability to open windows on opposite sides of the room, providing “cross ventilation.”

🧐 QUESTION 3: What is the air change rate?

Best practice: Minimum of 4-6 hourly air changes

🧐 QUESTION 4: Are you using portable air cleaners?

Best practice: (1) Use them! (2) Specs: clean air delivery rate (CADR) of 300 cubic feet per minute or better

🧐 QUESTION 5: How are you monitoring air quality?

Best practice: Use a carbon dioxide sensor; levels above 800 can be worrisome

🧐 QUESTION 6: Does the building rely on unproven technologies?

Best practice: Avoid fancy-sounding technologies lacking scientific backing (ASHRAE – the leading professional society for building engineers – provides lots of good diligence resources….reference below!)

We sign off with a quote from famed airborne disease expert Dr. Linsey Marr:

“You wouldn’t drink a glass of water full of pathogens, chemicals and dirt. Why should we put up with breathing contaminated air?”

Here’s to raising our collective indoor air quality game!

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Dr. Linsey Marr, “What We Know about Covid, the Flu, and the Air We Breathe.” 10/19/21. Includes final quote.

For a deeper dive into best practices, we recommend the a-mazing materials created by ASHRAE, the leading building engineering professional society.

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