Hispanic Heritage Month–Check out Querida Pandemia for Spanish-language posts!

Women in STEM

In honor of National Hispanic Heritage Month, we would like to give a shout out to las nerdy girls at Querida Pandemia (QP), our Spanish language facebook site. Dr. Sandra Albrecht leads the team to make evidence-based science available and digestible in Spanish. With 50,000 followers and growing, the Spanish squad is reaching people with very important and timely health information that people can trust.

¡Buen trabajo!

Kudos to the team:

*Dr. Jennifer Wheeler, MPH, PhD

*Karina Lopez, MSc

*Mary Baldridge, PhD

*Virna Stillwaugh

*Heidi Schutz, PhD

*Tita Smyth-Escobedo, PM-IT

*Margaret Hayes

*Malia Jones, PhD, MPH

*Sandra Albrecht, PhD, MPH

*Aparna Kumar, PhD

Check out our QP team:

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Hispanic Heritage Month Information