Should I get a flu shot if I already had the flu this season?

Infectious Diseases

A: Yes. The flu shot covers FOUR strains – you don’t want to catch it again!

TL;DR: It’s hard to know which flu strain you got or which one will be dominant in the next few months. Go ahead and get that shot even if you had confirmed or suspected influenza.

The current flu vaccine is “quadrivalent” meaning it protects against four different flu viruses–two influenza A viruses and two influenza B viruses.

So far this season over 99% of specimens tested by public health laboratories have been Influenza A. Among the As, around 79% have been subtype H3N2, while 21% are H1N1. This means there are decent odds of getting either of these two strains. With viral dynamics seemingly running amok this winter, we could see resurgence of the B strains later in the winter—it’s all more unpredictable than normal right now.

If you’ve been laid low by the flu recently you KNOW you don’t want to go through that again. Go ahead and get that shot!


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