⚠️ A critical review of Florida’s recent vaccine analysis ⚠️

Uncertainty and Misinformation

Florida recently announced the results of an analysis that they performed, claiming the results show “an increased risk of cardiac-related death among men 18-39” for the mRNA vaccines. Based on this analysis, they recommend this group not receive these vaccines.

This is a bold recommendation. Is it justified?

✅ Short answer: no.

A few things to note right off the bat:

1. This analysis is not a published study, but is a pdf of a word document.

2. It is not peer reviewed.

3. There are no authors listed, which is a bit odd.

A dig into the data shows more problems, including:

🚫 arbitrary selection of cardiac outcomes
🚫 lack of validation of those outcomes
🚫 very small sample size
🚫 failure to control for COVID infection as a confounding variable
🚫 many other limitations noted by the anonymous authors themselves.

Overall the results of their analysis are unreliable, and decisions about vaccination should not be based on them.
For the full details on the analysis (and the many flaws in it), check out this post by nerdy girl Dr. Kristen Panthagani on You Can Know Things.

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