Dear Pandemic Live Q&A 08-12-22

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Those Nerdy Girls answer your questions about Monkeypox, masking at school, bivalent boosters, COVID-19 rebound, and more.

Hosted by:
– Malia Jones, PhD, MPH: Dear Pandemic Co-Founder & former EIC
– Chana Davis, PhD: Dear Pandemic Contributing Writer & Founder, Fueled by Science

➡️ Welcome and Intros (0:00-0:46)

➡️ Monkeypox – How worried should I be? (0:49-8:37)

CDC on Monkeypox in the US

➡️ What is going on with COVID rebound after Paxlovid? Should we avoid taking it? (8:46-15:54)

DP Post on What is going on with Paxlovid rebound?

MedRxiv Viral and Symptom Rebound in Untreated COVID-19 Infection

➡️ How should parents be thinking about masking and back-to-school? (15:58-20:06)

➡️ How can you get a sense of community risk level? (20:07-22:35)

CDC COVID Data Tracker

➡️ What is the latest on bivalent boosters? Are they worth waiting for? (22:36-27:50)

➡️ Who will be eligible for the bivalent boosters? Kids? Adults who already got 2 shots? (27:51-29:35)

➡️ Some sites advise to wait 15 days after a positive test to get vaccinated, others say 90 days. Who is right? (29:44-30:12)

➡️ I’ve been exposed to COVID for at least 8 days on a daily basis. Am I unlikely to get it at this point? (30:13-31:40)

➡️ I’m concerned my 6-year-old will get reinfected with COVID from us. Do you think that’s likely? (31:41-32:35)

➡️ Those Nerdy Girls Welcome the Reproductive Health Squad

ICYMI, the video recording will be available on our website, FB Page, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube after the live broadcast.

Note: Always seek the advice of your health care provider with any questions you may have regarding your medical condition.

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