Dear Pandemic COVID Q&A

Families/Kids Infection and Spread Vaccines Videos

In this live Q&A, Drs. Malia Jones & Alison Buttenheim will be tackling pandemic questions from our readers.

Today’s we’re answering questions from readers about 2nd vaccine doses, kids and COVID, and the range of vaccine hesitancy. If you have a question, put it in our question box at www.dearpandemic.org!

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➡️ What if I can’t get my second COVID shot on schedule? (2:51-7:08)

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➡️ How long until we start to see population-level benefits of the vaccine like drops in cases, deaths, etc.? (7:08-14:37)

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➡️ Addressing historical issues of distrust in communities of color (14:37-22:02)

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Sleeves Up NOLA Video

➡️ Vaccines for children and COVID in kids (22:02-32:02)

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➡️ Shout-out to Benjy Renton for his COVID tracking dashboards (32:02-33:06)

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